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“Meglio qui che altrove”

“Meglio qui che altrove”

A rug is not just a piece of furniture or a fine work of craftsmanship and design; it defines a surface.
It changes our perception of space, altering its temperature, texture, color. A rug can be a children’s playground, their ring, an arena to compete in. Much like a desk and a sofa, it is a place to sit on and spend time with your close ones, lie down, eat and drink together.

The lockdown has forced us in our homes, compelling us to consider a different way of living in which the spatial dimension of our domestic environment becomes a priority.
“Meglio qui che altrove” (better here than anywhere else) aims to improve the quality of the time we spend indoors by creating a place for togetherness, play and discovery.

Its abstract typography – derived from weaving textures and recalling traditional handmade carpets – becomes a decoration motif and an active game of exploration, almost a puzzle, a riddle.

“Meglio qui che altrove” is a project created by Collletttivo and produced and distributed in collaboration with Hansel Grotesque.


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