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Collletttivo [col-l-let-t-tívo] is a typographic practice established in 2017 in Milan (Italy) and the first Italian Open Source digital type foundry. Operating as a hybrid between a type incubator and design studio, Collletttivo helps brands, institutions and individuals express their potential through typography.

What we do


We design professional typefaces for a range of different uses. Our goal is to create stand-out fonts that are expressive and reliable, helping students, designers, agencies and brands fulfill their communication needs.


Born in 2017 as an open-source type foundry, we have since been promoting the practice – and our partners – through mutual exchange and collaboration. Typefaces in our catalogue have been downloaded over 200 thousand times and are used all across the globe.

Feedback & Consulting

We are a team of young professionals with different backgrounds and specialisations in the fields of design and typography. Whether you are a student or an agency, we can provide expert advice to help move your project forward.


We are always eager to learn, do research and experiment. We also love to share our discoveries with other like-minded people, borrow skills and inspiration and discuss topics of interest. We often collaborate with universities and local institutions to organize workshops and talks and spur the discussions around typographic culture.


We approach design from a variety of different perspectives. We ourselves still are – or just recently stopped being – students, educators, researchers, employees, freelancers, directors, creative and technical workers. Occasionally, we will attempt to leverage the communicative power of typography to create something of greater importance.

The team

After meeting during undergraduate studies in Communication Design at Milan Politecnico, we completed our education in some of the most renowned design schoold around the world, including ecàl, UMPRUM and Cooper Union.

In the picture, from left to right: Luca Marsano, Sara Lavazza, Luigi Gorlero, Nunzio Mazzaferro, Matteo Maggi, Ben Bovani.

Past and recent collaborators include: Valerio Monopoli, Jules Durand, Alberto Casagrande, Ethan Nakache, Marco Condello, Davide Montesano.

Collletttivo Team White


Donate to support our Open Source font catalogue

Collletttivo is an independent type practice that lives on thanks to the work of its members and the support of the many downloading and using their typefaces. If you like any of our fonts, please consider donating to the collective. Your support helps us keep the website running and offloads some printing, distribution and travel expenses.
As a warm thank you to all our donors, following is a list of our contributors: