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All Collletttivo fonts are distributed for free under Open Source OFL license. To learn more about the SIL Open Font License, click here. A license file (LICENSE.txt) is bundled with every font download, detailing the user’s usage and redistribution rights.


In short, users can:

  • use our fonts for both personal and commercial projects on any printed and digital media (remember to credit the original designer and the foundry when publishing your work featuring Collletttivo fonts),

  • study and modify the source file

  • and redistribute the original work or a modified version of the typeface.

Users are strictly prohibited from:

  • claiming full credit for the work

  • selling any of the fonts

  • and sub-licensing, changing or extending the original license, derivatives included.

For any usage outside of the scopes described above, please refer to the license file or send us an email at

Donate to support our Open Source font catalogue

Collletttivo is an independent type practice that lives on thanks to the work of its members and the support of the many downloading and using their typefaces. If you like any of our fonts, please consider donating to the collective. Your support helps us keep the website running and offloads some printing, distribution and travel expenses.
As a warm thank you to all our donors, following is a list of our contributors: