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Collletttivo is an expanding group of designers working on type-based projects and occasionally releasing Open Source typefaces through the platform. Goal of the collective is to create a network of people that challenge themselves to improve though practice and mutual exchange in the very competitive fields of graphics and type design.

We are always looking for new collaborations. If you would like to release a typeface through Collletttivo, write us an email at

Ethan Nakache 2020 Collaborator
Jules Durand 2019 Collaborator
Marco Condello 2019 Collaborator
Luca Marsano 2018 Member
Matteo Maggi 2018 Member
Sara Lavazza 2018 Member
Benedetta Bovani 2018 Member
Alberto Casagrande 2017 Collaborator
Ruggero Magrì 2017 Collaborator
Nunzio Mazzaferro 2017 Member
Luigi Gorlero 2017 Member
Davide Montesano 2017 Collaborator


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