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More colors, more fonts, more round: Collletttivo 3.0 is live!

More colors, more fonts, more round: Collletttivo 3.0 is live!

Keen-eyed readers may have already noticed: our website has a fresh new look! Years in the making, we are thrilled to reveal the latest redesign for, we hope you’ll love it as much as we do :) It is not just a coat of shiny paint: Collletttivo 3.0 comes loaded with updated fonts and brand new features and sections. Keep reading to learn more!

“10 Type Design facts we wish we knew before we started”

Since 2017, we curated Collletttivo as a space for exchange and collaboration. However – up until now – our tools and resources never had an opportunity to spread beyond founders and contributors. For the brand new Resources section, we collected our favorite type design books, podcasts, blogs, research, tools and more to help you get off on the right foot with your learning. It is by no means a “definitive guide to type design” but we are very confident it deserves a spot in your bookmark bar.

Mighty letters: CLT Ronzino

If we were to pitch Arial to a client, we would praise its ubiquitous look – anonymous and nondescript – and its great screen performance. It might not sound like much, but that’s precisely why it featured on the former website for over 6 years. When we sat down to design a custom typeface for the new website, we made sure it retained a similar information-driven feel while improving on the (many) shortcomings of Arial. CLT Ronzino will be available soon in Regular/ Italic, Bold/ Bold Italic and Black.

A new type paradigm

Collletttivo typefaces have greatly improved over the years: from simple student (proto)types, many of our fonts developed into industry-grade tools with more complex style sets, finer shapes and a consistent character support. To reflect that, each typeface can now be discovered in detail through its own dedicated page featuring a new family and styles overview, OpenType Features list, character set and a selection of in-use.


Our typefaces are Open, but Collletttivo has often been labelled reserved, “secretive”. That was not by design; since 2017, the foundry has mostly been maintained during our off-hours and we have always prioritized product development over promotion and marketing. And we may also be a little shy.

Do not fear: things are not going to change dramatically but we are planning to share a lot more of all the stuff we do and the loves and interests of the people behind and around Collletttivo. For this purpose, the new Journal section will contain both short-form content as Diary Posts and longer – but more sporadic – articles on whatever is peaking our interests at the moment. Newsletters are also back! Make sure to sign up using the form in the footer of this page.

The nerdy stuff

The new website was entirely designed and developed “in-house”, so we thought we would let you take a peak backstage at the tools and technology that helped along. On the backend, Directus takes care of the Content Management and Newsletter automation, with Vercel Functions tagging along to execute particular tasks. The frontend is powered by Nuxt 3 and Vercel; CloudFlare CDN handles caching and worldwide media delivering. We collect anonymous user interaction data using Umami Analytics.

We have a soft spot for Open Source technology; Directus, Umami and Nuxt are all released under either MIT, GPL or Business Source License, offering both SaaS Subscription and Self-hosted options. We opted in favor of self-hosting our full tech stack for privacy and customization/ extension purposes.

New Website Techstack

Donate to support our Open Source font catalogue

Collletttivo is an independent type practice that lives on thanks to the work of its members and the support of the many downloading and using their typefaces. If you like any of our fonts, please consider donating to the collective. Your support helps us keep the website running and offloads some printing, distribution and travel expenses.
As a warm thank you to all our donors, following is a list of our contributors: